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My journey into floristry began with the pursuit of a creative outlet. In June 2017 Wedding Flowers by Bethany Lee was born. I spent my first few years working in the industry learning and developing my style. By early 2019 I had developed a clear vision for how I wanted to move forward with my business. I reached out to my Dad for help with finding a new name. I wanted the name to be elegant, feminine & strong, and no longer limiting to weddings. His first suggestions showed little potential (Bethany's floral creations or Bethany's floral edge... seriously). His next suggestion was to incorporate "Poinciana" because they take so long to bloom - relatable because it took me a long time to "get my shit together". Whilst I didn't initially like the sound of the name, I did like the abbreviation "Ciana." Dad discovered through a quick Google search that Ciana is a feminine version of his name, John. And seeing that my Dad opened the door to the floral world for me, I don't think I now really have a choice! Flowers have given me a place to learn, grow, collaborate and create. I am so excited to see where this journey will take me moving forward.

Beth x

Lost in Love Photography  : A Tuscan Summer, Oh Flora